Sunday, January 01, 2012

Panama Seminars

Luo Pan Mastery, Practitioner Training and Annual Stars Class

What did you like best?
  • I most like the simple way to learn something that looks simple like the annual stars, but can change a lot of the harmony of a house.
  • I learned new things about annual Stars and other things.
  • See the influence of annual stars with the house stars.
  • Contents, Review, Character of the Master (Jodi) (Friendly, Patience)
  • Energy interaction, annuals, visiting, monthly and the things that can be added.
  • Practical cases, very interesting to learn easily.
  • The different case studies.
  • Good explanations, the experience of the presented cases, the topics.
  • Clear and simple explanations.

How can we improve?
  • The floor plan should have the Stars on each palace for a better understanding.
  • More information about the different rings of Luo Pan.
  • More practical exercises.
  • Maybe too much material in a few days.

Some comments:
  • About loupan class, I think next time I’ll like to know more about the most important rings.
  • It was a pleasure, always interesting, enriching for my studies and myself.
  • I think it is interesting to know the different opinions for the stars interpretation and what experience can add.
  • Good class. Good review of stars and their relationship. The best: the good mood of Master Jodi. Thank you.
  • Excellent!