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Set a Date for Your Future in 2019

Set a Date for Your Future in 2019

We are about to enter the final of the 'teenage' years in the 21st Century, it's time to reflect upon where we're headed. Just like a teenager, we have been learning and growing as a civilisation; and with little or no consequence for our actions, we have been brought to this environmental crisis we are now faced with. So what can we do? It all begins with each individual and our actions…

When Does New Year Commence?

The Chinese calendar consists of two parts: Lunar and Solar. According to the Lunar calendar, Chinese New Year commences on the 5th of February 2019. This is unusually close to the start of the Chinese Solar Calendar which commences on the 4th of February 2019.

For Feng Shui purposes we use the Solar Calendar, but if we want to be accurate we should check the start time of the Solar Calendar; we find it begins between 11:04am - 11:14am on the 4th of February in China (depending on which calendar you're using). So this time of the day relates to China local time (GMT+8). If you want to know the exact start time for Chinese New Year 2019 for your location, you will need to adjust to your local time.
For instance, if you are in Perth, Western Australia, then your start time will be the same as for China, because you are both located along the 120E meridian time zone (the approximate location of the Purple Mountain Observatory in China, where most Chinese calendars are set to).

If you have a Chinese calendar purchased in Singapore, you may find the start time is slightly different, because perhaps the calendar is set to Singapore time instead of China time. Singapore time is also GMT+8 but its longitude is 103.8198° E, whereas the Purple Mountain Observatory is 118.8295° E. That means Singapore time is 15.0097° west of China time, which equates to about 60 minutes. (360 degree = 24 hours, so 1 hr = 15 degrees, 1 degree = 4 minutes). So when it's 11:14am in China (120E) it's 10:14 (approx time) in Singapore.

If it's 11:14am in China (120E) then it's 21:14 the night before in New York. That means Chinese Solar New Year in New York commences at 21:14 on 3 February 2019.

Why do we need to know this? Well if you are advising the exact start time of the Chinese Solar Calendar in 2019, you might need to be accurate!

Feng Shui Annual Stars for 2019

In my Feng Shui 2019 Annual Stars kit you will find my suggestions and predictions for 2019. Here I can take a little more space to elaborate.
In 2019 the Annual Star is 8 and in the current cycle of time, we are in Period 8 until 2024. Star 8 is in the centre and it is the same type of qi as that of our current 20-year cycle. In Feng Shui we like dynamic interactions, however in 2019 there is no dynamic interaction between the year and the 20-year time period. In other words, no Sheng Qi ('birth energy') is being generated between two levels of time. Sheng Qi gives life to new projects and ideas, so perhaps we will, as a result, see much stagnation for the next twelve months.
Star 8 is also responsible for the environment and environmental awareness, so if it is in the centre it is inactive and there is less focus on the environment; so we may be slack in our thinking towards our environment. Therefore it is up to each of us to personally make a greater effort to reduce-reuse-recycle and further to consider, reduction, that is the key here…what do we really need in order to be happy? Do we need to buy all that 'stuff'???
Months to be especially careful of in 2019 include February (in the north east), August (in the south west), November (in the north east). These months are when stars 2 and 5 come together in the Annual and Monthly charts. There is heightened concern for mishaps, problems and health concerns in these areas of the house.

Annual Stars for Your Home

Every year the Feng Shui of your building is affected by these annual influences.
The extent to which these stars influence you depends on the Flying Stars chart for your building and in which areas of the building you spend the most time for important activities such as sleeping, working, relaxing and entering/leaving. This means that no two buildings will have the same type of influence.
Here are some useful pointers that will guide you during the year to avoid obstacles when possible. This is general advice that applies to everyone. The Annual Stars this year are:

7  3  5
6  8  1
2  4  9

This year Annual Stars 2 and 5 move to the northeast and southwest respectively. These are two areas of the house to look out for. Try to avoid sleeping or spending too much time in these areas of the house. Avoid red, pink, burgundy and bright orange colours because these are the colours of fire which enhance the qi of earth. If it's not possible to avoid sitting or sleeping in these areas, then use metal, such as golden colours in the northeast and use bright yellow colours in the southwest. Metal sound is also very useful.

You can find predictions about the stars in my kit, including the wisdom and love qi of star 1.

Star 3 moves to the south and it is often called the 'robbery star' which can also be responsible for lawsuit and conflict. However star 3 is also the strongest wealth creation star, so it all depends on how it is used as to whether it will cause robbery, conflict, or…wealth!

Star 4 is a wonderful place to study, in the north but do not put moving water in this location unless you want to activate romance with a married person!
Stars 6 and 7 go to the wood directions of east and south east. This brings conflict of the five elements. In both cases water can be used, not real water, but the qi of water such as black or navy blue colours.

Star 9 is pushy and bright, if it comes to your bedroom in the north west this year, it can cause lack of sleep and restlessness. Avoid red colours and especially those amethyst crystal caves in the north west this year.

It must be noted here that when the annual stars appear and then combine with the existing stars in any building, the results can vary greatly, so analysis is required.

However, even with great analysis, it is still not 100% accurate to discuss the effects of the annual stars, because there is the ‘human factor’ to consider. The human factor means that everyone has free will to choose how we wish to live and what to do with our lives, as the occasion arises.

When we discuss the annual stars 2 and 5, however, it is usually quite accurate to say that we should be protected from these two stars.

For star 2, often a wuluo is recommended. It could be that you already have one, and for this year, it is important it is ready to be used. Refresh your wuluo by ensuring the inside is empty of seeds, pour in a little clear alcohol and swill it around, tip it out and then let stand in a warm place for a while until completely dry inside.
For star 5, often yellow colour is recommended. This is so because 5 represents the 'emperor' and is also known as '5 Yellow'. It is the colour the emperor wore ceremoniously in the old days. If we give the star 5 what it wants, it will placate this star.

Other Changes in 2019

In 2017 we moved into Period 9 according to Xuan Kong Da Gua, but according to Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars) we are still in Period 8. These two periods of time should not be mixed up. We still have five more years of Period 8 in Flying Stars, which is what your house chart is based on. If you are planning a renovation, moving house, or building, you must also consider the changes that will take place in 2024.

It would be nice to think that Feng Shui always stays the same, however all Feng Shui theory comes from the Yijing, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes. So it is only natural that things change. When we are prepared for these changes, we can make the most of our lives from the Feng Shui perspective.

2019 also sees the final year of the 12-year cycle of earth in the Chinese 60-year Xia Calendar. In 2020 we move into a new 12-year cycle of metal. For those who live in a high-rise building, this change of qi will affect the floor of the building in which you live in 2020.

Tai Sui is the qi represented by the animal sign for the year and activating this sector by digging, renovating or cutting down trees can bring either good or bad effects. It depends on the Four Pillars of Destiny of a person as to whether it should be activated or not. I can check for you, or, to be on the safe side it is better to avoid disturbance in this sector for the entire year.

Moreover, it is advised not to face the Tai Sui in any year because this is confronting the strongest qi of the year. So when conducting important occasions such as meetings, better to sit with your back to the Tai Sui to receive the support of the year.

In 2019 the year of Hai, the Pig, the Tai Sui is in the north-northwest. Therefore avoid digging, renovating, chopping down tall trees, hammering many nails into the wall, or any other large physical disturbance. Walking in and out of a door is not considered a disturbance. It is mainly a disturbance to do with the building or the earth beneath it. If this cannot be avoided (such as when your neighbour is doing construction work or there is work being undertaken in the street), play classical piano music and contact me for further instructions.

San Sha – this is a trinity of qi that is not as strong as the Tai Sui but nonetheless something to consider.

In 2019 the San Sha direction is the west (the trinity of Shen, You and Xu), and it is recommended to face the San Sha direction when conducting important activities. This year that means to face west, 225° - 315°.

“Facing the San Sha is to fight against the enemy of the Tai Sui. Winning the battle will be rewarding. San Sha is actually not fearful as it is most likely the weakest qi of the year. The problem is with the Tai Sui, not San Sha. Just don't be an ally to San Sha and you will not offend Tai Sui. Fighting against San Sha, you will be rewarded by the Tai Sui.”
Master Joseph Yu

My Annual Stars kit for 2019 will give you more general information about the stars for this year.

If you have any questions about Feng Shui don't hesitate to ask me.

Have a great 2019,