Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last week I had a P8 SW/NE house with water star 5 at the door and water star 4 in the west. They use either the front door or garage door to enter (both on water star 5).

In the west, on the other side of the fence is a swimming pool with some sort of water-sounding fountain attached.

I said not to use the door and to plant lots of tall wood-shaped trees in the west and to use this area inside the house to do lots of study. I also asked her to encourage her husband to take up some extra study, as he had the time to do it.

However, it was too late. She wrote to me this week and said:

"Thanks so much for the consultation. Just you said about the swimming pool in my back neighbour. This is really a concern. Now my husband just announced that he wants to leave us for another women. Is there any fengshui fix for this issue? I can't believe how acurate the Fengshui is. I know there will be no exact fix. If you can give me any recommendation to save my marriage, I am much appreciated."

So I believe that not only the 4, but the water star 5 triggered off this problem. Simply being at the door is bad enough, now it was triggering off another problem...