Friday, November 08, 2013

Hi All,

As we draw closer to the new year, it is a good time to start thinking about the Annual Flying Stars and how they will affect us in 2014.

Next week I am offering my Annual Stars class online.

This class is for students and professionals in the Feng Shui industry in particular, as they will understand the theory best and be able to integrate knowledge of Flying Stars and Annual Stars more easily.

Non-students should take my Introduction to Flying Stars course first.

Wednesday, 13 November 18:30 EST Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday, 20 November 18:30 EST Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday, 27 November 18:30 EST Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday, 04 December 18:30 EST Melbourne, Australia

Course investment:  AUD$600.00

Please see flyer attached for more info...

Technology used for the class allows the students to see each other, ask questions in the chat room and see the teacher as well as see and hear the presentation.

As taught in Melbourne, LA, Barcelona, Panama and online.

See you then!


Jodi Brunner
Master of Feng Shui, FSRC
Call +613 9662 1011

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last week I had a P8 SW/NE house with water star 5 at the door and water star 4 in the west. They use either the front door or garage door to enter (both on water star 5).

In the west, on the other side of the fence is a swimming pool with some sort of water-sounding fountain attached.

I said not to use the door and to plant lots of tall wood-shaped trees in the west and to use this area inside the house to do lots of study. I also asked her to encourage her husband to take up some extra study, as he had the time to do it.

However, it was too late. She wrote to me this week and said:

"Thanks so much for the consultation. Just you said about the swimming pool in my back neighbour. This is really a concern. Now my husband just announced that he wants to leave us for another women. Is there any fengshui fix for this issue? I can't believe how acurate the Fengshui is. I know there will be no exact fix. If you can give me any recommendation to save my marriage, I am much appreciated."

So I believe that not only the 4, but the water star 5 triggered off this problem. Simply being at the door is bad enough, now it was triggering off another problem...


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hi and Welcome to the Year of the Snake 2013!

Festivities for the Chinese New Year officially begin this coming 10th of February, which is based on the Lunar Calendar (the cycle of the moon as it rotates the earth).

However, for Feng Shui and most Chinese astrological purposes, the Chinese New Year commences on the 4th of February 2013. This is based on the Solar Calendar (the cycle of the earth as we rotate around the sun).

To celebrate the new year I am offering you three free pages of my Year of the Snake ebook, which includes my amazing video of the Chinese view of how the universe first began.

Please go to and click through...enjoy!

Here's some great ways to ring in the new year:

- Avoid sweeping, dusting or mopping for the first few days. Cleaning should have been done already - we don't want to sweep away any good Feng Shui!

- Have a Lion Dance come to your business. I have one coming to my shop, Feng Shui Cures & Crystals this coming Tuesday morning 5th of February. You are welcome to join me, there will be loads of noise, firecrackers and Year of the Snake giveaways! 141 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

- Ensure your cures are put in place for 2013. For instance, a wu luo should be placed in the south west to protect against the Annual Star 2.

- Make plans and set goals as to what you wish to achieve this year (info in my ebook about your personal astrology can help with this). It's a good time to work on your life and work, rather than in it!

- Look in the mirror on the first day of new year. How your face looks on the first day of the new year can often tell what sort of a year you'll have. So smile and pinch your cheeks to give them good colour! (info in my ebook about face reading can help with this).

- Lastly plan to do some Feng Shui's a couple to choose from:

Traditional Feng Shui Workshop
Feb 26 & March 5
In line with my mission to create 'Personal Empowerment Through Placement'TM, my Traditional Feng Shui Workshop shows you how to achieve good Feng Shui for your home or business to increase your prosperity, health, relationships, success and luck. Over the last 12 years I have shown hundreds of eager participants to this workshop, how to improve their lives with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Professional Course
Online study commences 13 February 2013
If you are looking for a career in Feng Shui, or you are already in the field and would like to take your skills to a higher level, join me for Master Joseph Yu's Feng Shui Professional Course as I show you how to become a competent, highly skilled and well-paid Feng Shui consultant. Written by Master Joseph Yu, this course is only for those students of Feng Shui who are serious about their study. Offered for the first time, online, every Wednesday night, Melbourne time +10GMT.

Annual Stars Class
Online study commencing soon, enquire via my website.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you a wonderful, prosperous, Happy New Year!


Jodi Brunner
Master of Feng Shui, FSRC
Call +613 9662 1011

President, Association of Feng Shui Consultants