Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Design a Feng Shui House from the Ground Up

The best time to do Feng Shui is at the construction stage, or even before that, when choosing a piece of land, as this will decide the orientation of the house and therefore how best to design the house to comply with good Feng Shui principles.

The client called me in 2004 after they had purchased the land, and fortunately for them it had an auspicious facing direction - south.

After visiting the site I recommended certain features that would be desirable, so the client went to the architect with my suggestions.  For this house to be good, there should be mountain and water at the facing.  This translates as both yin and yang elements inside as well as outside the house on the south side.

The client returned to me with the plans and as advised, downstairs was the entrance (yang) and upstairs was the master bedroom (yin).

I had asked the client to put their bed on the external facing side wall.  The architect wasn't very happy about this as it changed the 'face' of the house, so he put a high window above the bed and longer windows to a balcony on either side.  That way the client has a solid wall for their head and the architect is happy too.

The house construction commenced in 2004 and finished in 2005, making it a Period 8 house.

House shortly after completion

You can see that downstairs is the front door, which brings the most vibrant yang qi into the home.  Upstairs is the window and behind, the head of the master bed.

The client is enjoying good wealth, health and family harmony, and says the whole family love to sleep in this bed!

This unorthodox architectural approach satisfied the Feng Shui criteria, and when the client is happy, the architect also benefits.

Outside the house is a very open space at the facing and across the road, another two-storey house to act as a mountain to satisfy the yin yang requirement for this site.