Monday, June 18, 2018

Upcoming Courses

Hi All,

In celebration of the Feng Shui Research Centre's 20th Anniversary Year I am offering the following courses in some unique locations!...

Feng Shui Professional Course, Modules 1-4 (online 16 x 3 hour classes)
Written by Master Joseph Yu and taught by me since 2004 as a Lecturer of the Feng Shui Research Centre.
Class will be taught live online, you can see me, and see the slideshow presentation and ask questions. Each class is audiotaped for your benefit and has additional case studies and info including a 100-question workbook for each module, designed to help with your studies.

Commences Wednesday June 20, 2018.
Time: 11am - 2pm. (GMT+9 Japan time) 
For Melbourne it will be 12pm - 3pm. (GMT+10 until first Sunday in October when Daylight Savings starts and it's GMT+11)
For California it will be GMT/UTC-7 Tuesday June 19, 7-10pm.

Calendar as follows:
Module 1 = Jun 20, 27, Jul 4 11
Module 2 = Jul 18, 25, Aug 1, 8
Module 3 = Aug 15, 22, 29, Sep 5
Module 4 = Sep 12, 19, 26, Oct 3


Dynamic Xuan Kong (Langzhong, Sichuan Province, China) October 12-19 (7 days)
This course contains some of the most important parts of Modules 3-4 reworked into a 3 day course with new info added. It focuses on the stars and their characteristics...DXK shows us what Master Yu says is, "How to read the stars as if they are living spirits."
  • Qing Nan Jing, "The most important Feng Shui classic."
  • Ling Shen and Zheng Shen.
  • The basic charts.
  • How to read a chart - "That is the most important part, how to read a chart from a dynamic point of view."
  • Special charts.
  • Ming Gua, "We shall see how we deal with the Ming Gua."
  • Star Combinations
  • Guidelines to Houses, extracted from a song written by Master Jiang Da Hong of the early Qing Dynasty.
  • Castle Gate, "The reason why new houses are much better than old houses."
  • Replacement Stars, "When and how [this technique] should be used is the question."
  • Report writing. We will discuss report writing and after the tour, we will complete this part of the course online in my Practitioner Training class (2 x 3 hours online).

"What? We are going to China?" You say? Some of you may know that I have been conducting Feng Shui Tours to HK and China for many years. 2018 is my 8th tour of China, and this year I want to combine learning, fun and discovery all in one tour. I took a group to Langzhong, the Feng Shui City in was amazing!!! It is an ancient walled town with the original shops and dwellings, there are city gates, pagodas at crossroads, several temples, an ancient study hall, loads of interesting shops and three Feng Shui museums in and around the town! What's even better is there are no foreign tourists - we have the town all to ourselves. (of course, there are many local Chinese tourists...). This town is so far out of the way that nobody speaks English, so we will have an experienced tour guide accompany us every day and we will stay in an amazing courtyard-style hotel.


Business Feng Shui (Hong Kong) October 20-23 (3 days)
For those of you who have attended this course in the past, you will know there are several examples of buildings in Hong Kong in the course materials, that Master Yu examines in detail including the HSBC Bank, Bank of China and the Cheung Kong Center. So this time we will actually visit those buildings and see them in person!!! Over the years I have been to Hong Kong at least 20 times and I am always in awe of these buildings. Come and see them for yourself and see why they are included in this well-researched and detailed Business Feng Shui course.

We will also visit Chuan Spa, the Feng Shui concept for which I designed back in 2004 and examine my case study in detail.  

If you do not have a chance to attend my entire tour in October, you are welcome to meet up with us in Hong Kong for the Business Feng Shui class only.


2018 is a milestone year here at the FSRC and if you are not doing something to celebrate - you should be!

Join me in one of my classes (please send a private email to to discuss further).

Best wishes,

Jodi Brunner
Master of Feng Shui, FSRC
Accredited Feng Shui Consultant, AFSC
Call (+61) 408 173 710